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Everything old is new again
We have established a strong expertise in historic building projects of all kinds, and it has been a long, rewarding journey. Like an old building, we get better as time goes by. Although we bring a lot of experience and credentials to the table on each new job, we welcome the new and unique challenges that
lie hidden in every building "of a certain age".


"Prescott is extremely sensitive to the history of a building. They understood the context in which we were trying to rehabilitate the project and the general guidelines of the H1 district. I think a lot of that was due to Matt's knowledge of the inner workings of the city... after all, he is a member of the Architectural Review Board."


Peter Clapsaddle, Architect

Getting down to business

We understand the challenges that are involved in building a modern workplace. A welcoming environment is just as important as the many practical requirements to promote both creativity and productivity.That'swhy we make it our business to understand yours.


"We used Prescott almost like a consultant when
it came to building our offices. We were pretty clueless about everything from the location of the computer portals to apropriate lighting, and they really came through."


Caroline Hammond, Client

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Great atmosphere, made to order

We have developed expertise and experience in many areas of commercialconstruction, including restaurants.  Restaurant environments present aunique challenge to the builder, because of the many interconnected systems involved.  We have been able to work through these challenges in ourrestaurant projects, and we really enjoy the collaborative effort it takes to bring such complex projects to fruition.  We have satisfied owners toprove it, as well as stunning finished results.”


"What stands out about Prescott is their attention to quality workmanship and the way they approach each project as it's own entity. They're not  a "we-always-do-it-this-way"
kind of builder."


Jeff Wood, Architect

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