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Prescott Focus

•  The ability to collaborate seamlessly with owners and architects during the architectural design phase.

•  The highest level of technical expertise.

•  A commitment to profesionalism and integrity through all stages of each job.

These are the things we combine in order to bring our clients an intelligent and thoughtful approach to the building process

One | Planning

  Design Approach – We’re Always Open

At Prescott, we believe that every project begins with an idea that will light the way for the rest of the process. Whether we are brought into the project by an architect, or we recommend the architect ourselves, we pride ourselves on being open to the original before getting caught up in the practical.

“Matt is very respectful of the role that the architect plays. He also has a real
creative sense himself and some very special talents that I’m happy to make use of.”

Jeff Wood, Architect


  Developing Specifications – No Stone Unturned

We begin by touring the site, taking copious notes and photographs, and gathering as much information as possible, from measurements to wish lists. We ask a lot of questions in order to provide the best solutions.

“Prescott is very thoughtful and careful in their assesment of the job.
They’re very detail oriented, very careful to explain their sense of the technical side”

Peter Clapsaddle, Architect


  Initial Budget – An open Book, No Surprises

Our estimates are very straightforward, highly detailed and devoid of surprises. There are no hidden mark-ups — we tell you exactly what you can expect to be charged for everything. This open-book approach has moved many of our clients to abandon the extra time and hassle of the multiple bidding process because they know we will work with them to stay within their budget.

“Prescott was always accurate and consistant on their pricing of the job”

Sands Woody, Client

Two | Commitment

  Customizing Budget – Don't downsize, prioritize

After the initial budget has been reviewed, it’s time to combine desirability with affordability. We are committed to finding ways to meet our clients’ needs, and we will exhaust every resource to come up with creative solutions to budgeting.

“They gave us a cost breakdown on every aspect of what we wanted to do. If we thought we needed to eliminate something, they would give us options in order to help us get costs down. It was kind of like an a la carte menu - you can do all, none or some of the above.”

Joel Branscom, Client


  Finalizing Design – Details, details, details

The final stages of design often raise questions about details that may have been forgotten or overlooked. Before moving forward, we make sure that everyone has a common vision about what the project will look like and how it will come together.

"Prescott has an ability to look at an architect's plan and see not only the finished product, but ways that they can take short cuts to lower the cost-- while still achieving the desired result." 

Sands Woody, Client


  Contract – Our Signature Piece

We are known for our detailed contracts and we’re proud of that. It’s because we go out of our way to be comprehensive, descriptive and precise. After all, this is the agreement that will ensure that everyone’s expectations are met. Our goal is to have a contract that spells everything out and puts everyone at ease.

"Anyoe who's ever had one of Prescott's contracts knows that it's very detail oriented.
I think they may have even said how many bricks were going to go into the house."

John Merten, Client

Three | Execution

  Assigning a team

In the hierarchy of work, there’s good work, great work, and teamwork. Our approach to hiring staff, sub-contractors and suppliers is very simple. We use only the best in the business. Most jobs are assigned a project manager to make communication on the job as seamless as possible. And every team member is handpicked according to what is appropriate for that specific job. The result is a highly skilled, custom-tailored construction team you’ll be proud to call your own.

“Matt Prescott requires excellence in his sub-contractors work, he accepts no less.
Part of the reason they do such a good job is because he treats them so well.
I give the Prescott team the highest marks; in fact I miss them. And they clean up!”

Pat Sewell, Client


  Mid Project Changes

The only thing that never changes is that there will be changes. No project is immune to changes. That’s why we make it our business to submit a detailed change order for each and every change. This avoids “sticker shock” at the end of the job, and it assures that you are kept in the loop at all times.

“They would give any change orders to us in writing, breaking it down into cost and materials, so that there weren’t any surprises.”

Joel Branscom, Client



Often the most difficult part of the process, completion is something we take very seriously. First of all, we believe in giving realistic deadlines. And as we reach those deadlines, we go through an extensive checklist over and over until everything is completed. Then, last but not least, we make sure your property is absolutely spotless before we shake your hand and walk off into the sunset.

“When it comes to the completion stage of a job, Prescott is simply the best. The punch list is short to begin with, which is unusual – and they finish everything on it in amazingly short order, which is even more unusual. This applies to not one, but the many jobs Prescott has done for me.”

Will Trinkle, Client

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